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A Brief History

AK Overseas was incorporated in 2008 as A. K. Overseas by Mr. Sayed Zakir. The company was formed originally with the intention of manufacturing and exporting. We also Exports textiles from India to the International consumers.

Our CEO, Mr. Sayed Zakir Husain, always had the intention of expanding the markets for various products manufactured or produced cost-effectively in India to the international consumers.

The Designer Box Manufactured and Traded by us will surely delight you with its astonishing looks.

You can store your useful stuff in our Designer Boxes without worrying about it blending with your room. Our designer box is made in accordance to the latest fashion developments.

Our Advantages


Easy to implement.

Easy to implement automated production. Tin box packaging has high production efficiency, which can meet the packaging needs of a variety of products.


Diverse in shape.

Diverse in shape. Tin box packaging can be made into various shapes according to different needs, making the packaging containers more changeable and promote sales.


It is beautifully decorated.

Metal materials have good printing performance; design trademark is bright and beautiful, the packaging container obtained is compelling, which is a good packaging for sales.


Opposed to other packaging containers.

Opposed to other packaging containers. Such as plastic, glass and paper container, the tin box packaging has large strength, good rigidity and is difficult to break.


in box packaging has excellent barrier properties

than any other materials, which is gas resistant, moisture-proof, shading and fragrance preservation performance, which can reliably protect products combined with reliable sealing.




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